Born to an artist mother and an environmental planning father in Austin, Texas, Egan Rory Kolb is a versatile videographer, editor, and sound-arts professional. He employs a synergy between video, audio, and social interaction to feed his undying curiosity for travel, culture, and storytelling. A passionate love for music began with a hand-me-down guitar at age 15, which led to a secondary education immersed with professional audio and visual media in the San Francisco Bay Area. Afterwards, he continued to develop his audio production skills at Bigfoot Studios in the Philippines. Here, the locals would teach him about living a simpler life, with fewer possessions, and in turn, less worry. Then, he moved to Seattle, Washington where he was introduced to the high-tech creative world through a network of freelance editors and videographers. Now, Egan lives in Austin, Texas and pursues all aspects of film making. Egan’s tenacious search for story and character will continue to inspire his visual and audio work for decades to come.

Below are some of the clients I have had the pleasure of working with!

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